Meet the Queen of Chocolate at Sweet Shop USA

We take chocolate seriously here at Sweet Shop USA. So much so, we even have our very own Queen. Miss Lametria is the person you see when you walk through our doors. She helps millions of customers find the perfect chocolate for them and their families. She leads visitors through tours of our 60,000 ft facility. She is the chocolate expert.

The Queen of Chocolate has been with Sweet Shop USA for six years, starting out in our packing department, and working in different positions throughout her time here. Her favorite part of her job, she says, is “Meeting people from all over the world, especially little children”. People from coast to coast and different countries come to visit our chocolate store. Some people specifically hoping to get a tour of how our chocolates are made.

The Queen of Chocolate declares that the best part of our tours is our decorating department. Visitors get to see our chocolatiers decorate each truffle by hand. She says “they love to see the truffles come to life and get all dressed up. Yes, decorating is the best.”

The tours consist of every department here at Sweet Shop USA. From decorating, to marketing, all the way to watching the boxes being shipped. The first stop is the Toffee Room. Visitors usually get to sample some of our famous Milk Almond Toffee. This is one of our most popular items, and one that the Queen recommends to everyone. “It’s addictive,” she tells with a smile, “it’s like lays chips. You can’t just eat one. That and Milk Pecan Brags. Those are our most popular items in the store and my favorites.” Our famous Brags and Toffee are offered year around.

The Queen recognizes that her empire is made possible through many helping hands. When asked how she would describe Sweet Shop USA in a few words, she proudly says her catchphrase, “Teamwork makes the dream work. We have the best team, the best in town.”

2019 is going to be an amazing year. She has some big exciting plans headed our way. In February, the Queen will be hiding 10 golden tickets. The golden tickets will be in 10 piece assorted boxes. The lucky winners who find the golden tickets will receive a free tour led by the Queen herself, a pound of our delicious chocolates, and a whole day to spend at the biggest chocolate factory in Texas.

When hunting for your golden ticket, don’t forget to check out our Valentine collections. The “Walk on the Wild Side” collection is her favorite.

Stop in today to meet the Queen of Chocolate, hunt the golden ticket, and pick out the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.