Tour Our Giant Chocolate Factory at Sweet Shop USA

We are known for our famous rich and creamy chocolates and truffles, but did you know you can actually see all your favorite sweets being made?

Ours tours are one of our communities favorite family activities. What better time than the holidays to bring your whole family together and tour our facility? Whether it’s just you and your spouse, or the entire extended family, this is something the whole family will enjoy.

Our tours start in the retail shop, as we dress everyone in sanitation uniforms. You get your own apron, little booties to cover your shoes, and hair net. Then we set off to see the chocolate.

We visit the toffee room, (which seems amazing) to see how our renowned toffee is slow cooked and cooled.

Then we head into the kitchen, to see all the little truffles being shaped, formed, and enrobed.

Next, it’s into the decorating department, where all the magic happens. This is usually everyone’s favorite part! We get to watch as our highly trained chocolatiers hand decorate each truffle to perfection.

Our Queen of Chocolate, Miss Lametria, is the best tour guide in town. She loves to bring all the kiddos through our facility and teach them all about our fantastic chocolate. She is the Queen of Chocolate after all, it’s what she does best.

All the kiddos love her too. Recently, she brought a tour of a class of 3rd graders and each one of them sent her a thank you letter! Here’s a few of the adorable letters she received.

So stop on in for a grand tour of a cup of the finest hot chocolate. We’d love to have you.